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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where tea is a staple, yoga poses aren’t even close to good looking and every morning should start with a nutritional smoothie. I believe that life should be an exploration and I’m here to help you live your best adventure. Find new adventure brands to fall in love with or tips to improve your mind, body and soul. It’s all here! 


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Living My Best Adventure

Katie Leigh Hutt

Life was meant to be an expedition. The safari of life is simply to find what works for you. What gets you striving for more life? What makes you feel at your best? That is the beginning of your adventure. From there, you’ll find the rest. – Katie Leigh

I’m Katie Leigh,

Storytelling has taken me around the world with my camera and through long mornings in bed writing my blog. It’s through stories I’ve been able to connect with others and learn about this adventure we call life.

While I started off looking to help brands tell their stories with my photography I stumbled upon a passion for helping others live their best adventure. In changing my lifestyle and falling in love with nutrition and wellness, I’ve discovered a whole new journey in my life.

I’m still off gallivanting to new places and telling the stories of adventurous brands, but I’m also pursuing my passion for health, and reporting what I learn on the Living Wild blog.

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