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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where tea is a staple, yoga poses aren’t even close to good looking and storytelling is an everyday occurrence. If this is your first time dropping by check out these goodies I have to offer (sorry, they still aren’t as good a Beyonce’s). Don’t be shy, there is lots to discover here!

Phone Photography Challenge

Not ready to commit to outsourcing your photography but still need killer photos for you social? I totally got you! Take the FREE 7-Day Phone Photography for Businesses challenge and start capturing your own products.

Are you a brand or a business? And does it even matter? Let me tell you, as a small or new business it totally makes a difference. Get the breakdown on the two and learn all the ways you can start being a brand!

I can already hear you saying “I get that marketing is important, but do photos really matter?” Friend, I am here to tell you THEY DO! But I’m a photographer, I’m biased. Let me give you that stats to back that up!

A Visual Storyteller

Katie Leigh Hutt

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving. – Madeline L’Engle

I’m Katie Leigh,

I am first and foremost a storyteller. With a background in marketing and design and a passion for photography I help small and new businesses tell their story and connect with their audience.

I capture the stories behind your business so that you have the time to dive deeper into that to do list. Even better, if you’re unsure of how to use your amazing new photos in your marketing, I’m more than happy to help guide you through it. Just think of me as your own personal storyteller.

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