Mountain Blogger Collaboration


Living a life of adventure means nothing if you don’t have people to do it with. The best things we do in life we do with friends and loved one. 

Put three bloggers and a photographer together in the mountains for a day of shopping and driving around nice cars and you have one heck of an adventure! As a part of a Thrillest campaign, bloggers Cara from Never Skip Brunch, Vanessa from Vanessaland and Brenna from Chase Your Daydream came together for a day trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.

From start to finish this photo shoot was meant to be amazing. A day that started in the city of Denver finding a rental car, to long conversations on the drive up to the mountains, to shopping sprees at cute mountain boutiques. Every step of the amazing story was filled with laughs, friendship, and some good old-fashioned networking. In the storyline we gave to Thirllest, we wanted to make it known, that Colorado is that place where strangers can become friends in an instant as long as there is good food and a bit of excitement added.

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