A Portrait That Tells So Much More

Storytelling Portraits

As a storyteller I believe that a portrait should do more than just show who you are, it should tell viewers who you are. Solid color backdrops are great for the right purpose but I want a portrait that shows more. 

When I work with clients on portrait photography I ask them first what defines them. What are the things they love most, what represents them, what tells their story? When it came to Alyssa coffee, poetry and church were all things that made her up.

I scouted out locations near each other in the downtown area that would work to tell her story. Her mermaid purple hair and amazing beauty made these some of my favorite portraits ever. There’s a confidence that comes out when you are showing the world your story and allowing them to see the real you. Storytelling portraits are an easy way to show the world just who you are.

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