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Revo Sunglasses

As a Revo ambassador, I take a lot of photos of Revo sunglasses. Not just because I have a drawer full of them or because they are fantastically pretty but because they are some of the best adventure sunglasses out there. 

Revo is a brand known by a select few but should really be known by everyone, at least anyone going on an adventure. While their styles range from fashion to outdoors there’s a frame for everyone. If the frames aren’t what make you fall in the love then the different type of polarized lenses will. Each lens is created for a specific use each with a different lens color.

I’ve been working with Revo for over a year and have learned a lot about their audience and the adventures these glasses go on. My goal with every photo I take of them is to showcase a portrait or just a product shot that shows not only the style of lens and the reflection they have but also the lifestyle that comes with them. These aren’t your everyday pair of sunglasses but were made for adventure.

Revo Sunglasses

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