The Best Workout

Red Rocks

As an artist and photographer, the best way to grow is to create personal project. This workout at Red Rocks was a shoot all about experiments and taking chances. 

Red Rocks is known for being one of the best amphitheaters in the world but little know that it’s actually a park too. Great trails wrap around the area with views of the mountains and the city, it’s the perfect place to go for a run or meet up with friends for a short hike near the city.

As part of a personal project, I asked some friends to join me for a photo shoot so I could experiment and try out new ideas. From shooting to editing everything in this was a learning process and it taught me a lot. In this shoot, I developed a whole new editing process and took my commercial work to whole new grounds. It’s through personal projects that we learn the most about ourselves and grow as artists. It’s not the easiest of work but it’s so rewarding.

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