Recycled Billboards


Billboards fill our lives. Everywhere you go you see a billboard even when you travel abroad. It’s actually amazing how many places there are to advertise out there. But what happens to the resources used to make those billboards?

Rareform had this very question when they started their company. Now you can get amazing and colorful accessories made from recycled billboards. Each product you buy is one of a kind, so the one you like on the website is the exact product you’ll be getting. Their products change regularly as they use new and different billboards. Backpacks, wallets, duffels, laptop cases, iPhone cases and more can now all come from repurposed billboard vinyl.

The Highlander wallet was one of their latest products and an accessory they wanted plenty of content to push. With its bright graphics and compact size, I wanted to capture this product with all the colors of summer. While traveling in California I was able to not only get rich colors from the foliage there but also some lifestyle photos that fit well with the brand. My favorite shot was taken on the table with the remnants of lunch, thinking this would be the place you’d find a wallet. Sitting out on the table waiting for the check to come back so you can put your credit card away and move on to your next adventure.

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