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The Networking Shoot

After working with brands and bloggers separately I saw a need for affordable photography and marketing for both parties. 

The Networking Shoot is a one of a kind photo shoot for bloggers and brands to grow. Bloggers get free photos and a night dedicated all to them while brands get affordable photos and exposure of their products.

Each Networking Shoot has a theme to go with it like “Girls Night In” or “Gift Guide”. The products chosen for the shoots match the audience of the bloggers participating so that the brands and bloggers reach audiences that help them. While the bloggers have a night of fun I capture the room from close up product shots to the bloggers interacting. The best part about this shoot is that everyone gets the chance to meet new people and find new ways to collaborate in the future. The Networking Shoot was created to serve the little guy and provide them a way to have powerful storytelling images at a low-cost price.

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