Fashion Portraits


Portraits are one of the greatest ways to show who you are. What I love even more are portraits that tell a little more about you, what I call storytelling portraits. 

Kaitie had just found out she was moving to L.A. and wanted some photos that shared her personality and her beauty. We set up in the streets of Littleton, CO. My favorite spot happened to be in a red brick alleyway where the light was coming in just right and her blue dress really popped.

While we all love feeling like a fashion model, I didn’t want Kaitie to just pose. My goal when doing portraits is always to make the subject look as authentic as possible. Even when I’m posing models it’s always meant to look as natural as possible. After some time laughing and playing we get comfortable and being herself in front of the lens was no longer a problem. And these photos really prove that!

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