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Never Skip Brunch

Blogger photography is never boring. From beautiful outfits to amazing backdrops to the personalities of each blogger. I love getting to work with them. 

Never Skip Brunch is a Denver fashion blog with some of the greatest looks and fashion tips in town. Cara has done an amazing job building her brand and building a community of bloggers in the Denver area.

The goal with all blogger shoots is to capture the personality of the blogger, showcase the look they’re wearing and to be sure to get all the details. I try to get a variety of shots starting with wide angle and getting closer and closer. Playing around with accessories, and switching the orientation of photos is a great way to keep things entertaining. Like I do with all my photos my biggest goal and challenge is to capture authenticity. Being in front of a camera can be intimidating. And resorting to the poses we see in magazines is easy, but I work hard to guide my subjects into natural poses that better tell a story and feel real.

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