Be a part of the Networking Shoot and grow your brand

The Networking Shoot For Brands

Get high-quality photos and marketing
for your product all in one place.

Why Be A Part Of The Networking Shoot?

The Benefits

Every brand needs photos to tell their story and connect with their audience. With powerful photos in hand, marketing comes next and reaching new audiences that love your products becomes the number one goal. By sponsoring the Networking Shoot you get

• 15 photos from the shoot to use however you wish
(Photos cover the entire story and product shots)
• Instagram posts from each blogger & photographer
• Mentions in blog posts from bloggers & photographer
• Mentions on other social platforms by bloggers
• Blog posts for you to share on your own social media

The Networking Shoot combines marketing and photography for multiple brands creating a low-cost shoot that’s meant to help your brand grow.

Use Photography & Marketing To Grow

Get More Exposure

The Networking Shoot expands your exposure and provides you fresh content to share on your social media, website or marketing materials. And just like for bloggers, your network expand too! Find a blogger that you really loved? Work with them again on another collaboration, I’ll connect you.

What The Networking Shoot Needs From You

What You Do

There’s a lot that goes into the Networking shoot but without your sponsorship and your product, there is no shoot. Once you agree to be a part of the shoot I’ll send you a media kit with the bloggers, their following and the price of the shoot. (based on potential reach and the photos you get). Here’s what’s asked of you:

• Sponsorship payment $625 (a $2,025 Value)
• Product for the shoot
(Donated or out on loan, you decide)
• Tag bloggers in Instagram photos when possible

That’s it. Those three things are all that you have to do to be a part of the Networking Shoot, I’ll take care of the rest!

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