High-Quality Photos That Show Who You Are

Lifestyle Photography

I believe that stories are what connect us. Your brand shouldn’t be limited to the story you’re telling just because you’re on a tight budget. Now with low-cost subscription photography, you can get new photos every month that help tell your story. If a picture is worth 1,000 words what story do you want told?

  • Three-Time Subscription
  • $840
  • 20% off original price 350/shoot
  • 10 High-Quality photos
  • Print + Digital rights
  • Make a statement online
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  • One-Time Basic
  • $350
  • 10 High-quality Images
  • Mix of Product shots + Lifestyle
  • Full rights for print + digital
  • Improve your social media
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The Basics

Test things out and see if you like it. Get 10 photos to use for all your marketing materials at an affordable price.


Start improving your social presence and website images with 2 months of high-quality images coming in the door. A variety of product shots and lifestyle shots that tell your brand’s story.


You know that having high-quality images for your online presence and marketing makes all the difference. Committing to 3 months of photos only makes sense. You get the best deal and keep sharing incredible images with your audience!

Looking For A Custom Commercial Shoot?

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Commercial Setup Fee

For a custom commercial shoot, I charge a $250 setup fee to organize the shoot, arrange the story and plan everything from start to finish. This ensures that I’ll have everything needed for the shoot! (Extra gear, props, and model payment not included, All shoots paid for much be done within 1 year.)

Hourly Rates For Commercial Shoots

When it comes to your commercial shoot, every one of them is different. Depending on the number of images you need and the number of locations needed to tell the story will decide how many hours your shoot will be. I charge $100 for shooting time (you aren’t charged for editing time). Based on our discussion of your custom shoot, we’ll decide on the right amount of time needed to ensure your story is told right.

Cost of Photos

Now that the shooting is done and editing is all wrapped up, it’s time to get your photos. After a custom commercial shoot, I’ll send you a contact sheet with the best of the best photos from the shoot. You’ll choose your favorite paying $35 a photo and I’ll make them look perfect before sending you a gallery with all your images! Feel free to use them on your website, on your social media, and in your marketing.