Visual Storyteller

Katie Leigh

Creatively and compassionately living a life of adventure.

As an artist and adventurer I’ve followed life wherever it takes me and it always seems to bring some twists and turns. What I’ve found to be constant through it all is my love for storytelling an my love for sharing knowledge.

I started my business with the hopes of sharing the stories of brands as well as my own adventures through photography and blogging. Where it’s lead is a whole new adventure. While I’m still connecting with brands to tell their stories, I’ve started writing a new story for myself around health and wellness. In needing to take better care of myself I’ve learned a lot and decided to follow this path that has become my obsession. You’ll notice that my blog is much more centered around nutrition and health which I believe is the first step to living a life of adventure.

As I’ve always had “hyphenated” interests I decided to embrace it and bring it to the table. Tips for living an adventurous life mixed with photography and stories that will inspire you to live a life of adventure. What could be better? My passion is to tell stories, and to share the knowledge I’ve been learning from the people I meet in my travels or the research I do in bed with a cut of green tea.

So how can I help you live a life of adventure? Tell me where you’re struggling or the story you want to share and I’ll do my best to come meet you where you’re at.

Stay Adventurous!

Health & Wellness

Green tea, long walks, afternoon yoga, and plate filled with colorful foods. That’s the dream. I’ve started on a new journey of learning about nutrition, the body and how to live the best life with foods that will nourish you. See my blog for all the things I’m learning along the way.

Mountain Adventures

Adventures in the mountains, wherever those mountains may be, are my favorite. Ironically, growing up in the mountains I wasn’t an outdoors person. But now that I live in the city, I dream about days lost in the forest with just my fiance and camera!

Developing Countries

I’ve got a heart for developing countries. Since I was in elementary school I’ve dreamed of living in Africa and while I did live in Uganda for 4 months, I can’t help but crave to go back. Until then, I’ll do what I can by donating $15 from every shoot to Pencils of Promise. That’s my promise.

  • Katie Leigh consistently takes high-quality styled shots of our products that we use over and over again. Her enthusiasm for our product and understanding of our brand is clear.

    Jessica Stewart

    Portrait Session

    Jenny L.