Visual Storyteller

Katie Leigh

Creatively and compassionately living a life of adventure.

When I was 13 years old I was introduced to three young men who left America to travel to Uganda in hopes of having an adventure. There they met women and children fleeing from Africa’s longest running war and created a documentary about it. It was in discovering their story that I learned stories have the power to change the world.

Fast forward 20+ years later and my passion has become telling stories. Telling the stories of women in Uganda and other developing countries, the stories of brands like yours or the stories of my wannabe yoga fails that usually end with me flat on my face; I’m always in the mood to share a story.

When I’m not behind my camera finding stories to tell I’m probably off exploring the mountains with my fiancé or hiding in the bathtub with a cup of tea and an excellent book, Hunger Games anyone? I also happen to have a full-time marketing job for a non-profit which only helps grow my storytelling superpowers!

Here’s what I’m passionate about, helping new and small brands find their stories and connect with their audiences. If reading a blog post, learning to use your camera phone or working with me personally to capture your story and help you market it, makes your life just a little bit easier, I’d say that’s a job well done.

So what are you waiting for? Tell me where you’re struggling in showcasing your story and let’s fix it.


Tea & a Wannabe Yogi

Start the day off with a large cup of tea and follow it up by two more cups by the end of the day. Add in a few minutes of me attempting to do yoga and working hard to make it look good. This is my recipe for sanity and flexibility (mentally and physically).

Mountain Adventures

Adventures in the mountains, wherever those mountains may be, are my favorite. Ironically, growing up in the mountains I wasn’t an outdoors person. But now that I live in the city, I dream about days lost in the forest with just my fiance and camera!

Developing Countries

I’ve got a heart for women in developing countries. In telling stories, my goal is to be able to travel more and tell the powerful stories of these amazing women. That’s why I donate a portion of all portraits shoots to Pencils of Promise. It’s a promise to a better future for all.

  • Katie Leigh consistently takes high-quality styled shots of our products that we use over and over again. Her enthusiasm for our product and understanding of our brand is clear.

    Jessica Stewart

    Portrait Session

    Jenny L.